i’ve always wanted to dance

I’m forty-something. I’ve always wanted to dance but never have. I dragged my husband to a free ballroom class once and it was such a horrible experience that we didn’t go back for the second class even though that one would have been no charge as well.  ugh.  The first 5 or 10 minutes were ok because the instructor took it slowly.  Maybe he thought I caught on or something because then he started moving faster and faster and adding more steps. HELP. STOP. SLOW DOWN. I can’t do this. Please slow down.  Oh well.

That was a really long time ago.

So I told you I’ve always wanted to dance; I’ve just never had the opportunity to or at least never had the guts.  Country line dancing.  Salsa. Ballroom. Irish. Square. Whatever. I didn’t care, just as long as it was dance.  But ballet had never crossed my mind…until nearly 2 years ago…

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