finally wearing leotard and tights

So I told you that before I started my conditioning class, I ordered a leotard and skirt. After I placed the order, then I asked the teacher what  others in the class wear. It doesn’t matter that everywhere on her website and paperwork it says that the dress code applies to all classes. It turns out it doesn’t actually apply to the conditioning class.  People wear yoga gear or t-shirts.

I’ve been wearing my ballet slippers all along, but  never did wear that leotard and skirt to class.

until 2 weeks ago

I wanted to add another day to my exercise routine, so I asked Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher if I could come on another night. She said, yes, but to realize that it was ballet ballet. Yeah, I hadn’t deluded myself into thinking it was something other than real ballet. I mainly want to go for the barre work. Anytime I try to move across the floor, doing specific steps, I blunder and lumber.  Nothing graceful about my movement.

It’s a class with a few teens and 3 other adults.

I decided if I’m going to take a real ballet class, I should look the part. I put on my pink tights and leotard with some pants. The pants are an unsuccessful attempt at hiding my thighs and derriere.   Not quite ready for wearing the skirt. Gotta psyche myself up more for that one.

2 thoughts on “finally wearing leotard and tights

  1. I want you to know that you are beautiful. No matter what you feel like when you look in the mirror, when I see you, I see beautiful. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

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