i’m a ballet junkie

So I’ve become a ballet junkie the last couple of years. My daughter dances and seems like a natural. Everyone who has seen her dance tells me that too.  I usually stay and watch her class because the girls are just so darn cute, and I love the way the teacher teaches. She’s gifted with children; I’ve learned a lot just by observing her gently guide those girls into shape.

I love going to ballets, watching ballerinas of all ages and abilities. I get caught up in the music and the movement. I’m watching every dance TV show and movie through Netflix watch instantly.  Anyone have any suggestions?

And I’ve recently discovered there’s lots of adult out there taking ballet for the first time just like me. Or maybe, they’ve taken 10-40 years off ballet and have started dancing again. And they’re blogging about it. And I love reading their stories, because their thoughts are my thoughts and I love reading all the comments.

Who knew there are dozens, maybe hundreds of old ladies like me who are dying to dance, yet don’t want to appear too eager,so they wait for years to actually work up the nerve to walk into a studio.  But they’re doing it; I’m doing it. I’m taking ballet.

One thought on “i’m a ballet junkie

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