a compliment

So I’m an adult beginner when it comes to ballet or any type of dance for that matter and I’ve recently started attending a class open to any level of adults, but it’s really for the teens who have reached level IV. I go and do my thing and I try not to think about what these crazy-good dancing young things are thinking.

What are these moms doing in our class who can’t even dance? Who does she think she is anyway?

Do I really think that the girls are thinking such thoughts? No, not to that extent… Our particular studio fosters an atmosphere of only encouragement and never competition, but still.

So it just really made my day that when Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher was switching out the music, that Most Advanced Teenager said to me, “I’m so glad that I get to be in class with you.”

What? Did she really say that? What an absolute doll she is. And she has been so encouraging to me, telling me “Good job” or when I look hesitant, she whispers a “You can try it.”

This class is going to be ok afterall.

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