a Spirit-led conversation

So out of the blue, and I do mean out the blue, because we weren’t talking about anything ballet related, my husband told me that I would be dancing on stage someday.

Say what?

So a conversation ensued and he said things that  just are not in his vocabulary, so it was obvious to me his words were Spirit-led.
me: But don’t you think the whole idea of me dancing in public is ridiculous?? (not that I think this; I just thought he would think it.)
him: Oh, no. Not at all. You’d love it!
me: But won’t you be embarrassed with your wife on stage?
him: No, I think it would be great.
me: One of my strong hesitations is for the audience’ sake. I don’t want to be that person that makes people cringe and causes them to look away and can’t wait until the song is over…
him: Do you trust Miss (beautiful ballet teacher?) She wouldn’t put you in that kind of position, where you would do anything embarrassing like that.
me: I know. I do trust her…I just didn’t think it would be so soon. I have imagined myself dancing someday in the future and I’ve always seen myself dancing to a song about heaven. And guess what this song is about?
him: It sounds like God is really leading you to do this now.
(this is the kind of thing that my husband never says!)
him: You should do it. You would love it and have fun.

Wow, to have my husband’s approval and even encouragement in this endeavor is huge. And I didn’t even have to ask him; he brought it up.

I’m definitely moving in the direction of dancing this March. I sent Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher an e-mail to see her thoughts on all of this.

4 thoughts on “a Spirit-led conversation

    • oh yes, it was a true blessing and such a surprise–both the initiation on my husband’s part and all the things he said. I guess I didn’t have him all figured out about this at all! I thought he merely tolerated my new hobby, and didn’t realize he actually encouraged it.

  1. Look at all the encouragement and support you are getting!. The ballet teacher, the nice teenager and your husband too! I think it would be a blessing for everyone who would see you dance. You have come so far, I admire you so much! It is so hard when you aren’t sklnny and are older than the teenage twigs who usually do ballet. Remember who you are dancing for!. I don’t believe anyone would be judging you. And if there were any crabby pants peeps WELL, what do we care about them! I bet your husband would be so proud to see you he would practically bust!

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