adult beginner and rheumatic princess are my heroines

In one of my first posts, I told you all the ways that I’ve become a ballet junkie in the last couple of years. More recently, I have discovered other adults who have started ballet for the first time in their lives or returning to it after many years away, and are blogging about it. Did you know that yesterday was International Tutu Day?  Me neither, or at least I didn’t realize it until Rheumatic Princess wrote about it.

Adult beginner is my absolute favorite ballet blog. I discovered her through Dance Advantage’s Top Dance Blogs contest, and I was immediately hooked! I went back to her first post and read forward in my spare time over the course of less than a week, and I was laughing the whole time. And nodding my head in agreement. This early post is one of my favorites.  (don’t go there if you get offended by language:)

 While I’m concentrating on tail under, legs turned out, knees straight, toes pointed, heels forward, ribs not just up but in, abs zipped, chest lifted and forward, shoulders down but not back, chin level, arms level, wrist rounded, hands beautiful, meanwhile leg moves out and in either with the head or oppsite, depending, you’re telling me to add No Blinking???!!!!
Is there anything else???!!!
I mean, how about my hair?! Is my hairdo ok????!!!!

Yeah,  these same thoughts have been running through my head every Saturday morning during the last 20 minutes of class after I roll up my exercise mat and put on my ballet slippers.  There’s just so much going on in dance.  Sometimes when I’m standing in the corner with my classmates and watching Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher demonstrate a combination, I just start to laugh and think you’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no way my mommy brain is wrapping around that today. There’s just so much!  But I keep going back for more.

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