cow pose, grande battements, and other stuff

In class this weekend, one  of the stretches we did was the yoga cow pose. I got into the position and felt nothing. I mean nothing. Where was the stretch supposed to be? Normally, I can really feel something somewhere, and have to concentrate on my breathing so I actually breathe and I have to ease up on the stretch and then take it a little further. So I yanked up my foot a bit more and then I could feel a stretch, then when we switched to the other side,  instead of feeling a stretch on my backside, I felt it in my iliopsoa in the front. Man, are those tight. I’m always trying to loosen them!

During one of our combinations across the floor–don’t ask me what on earth it was called– we started with a tendu, led with that foot, brought the other foot to our knee, did a releve’ if we felt we could then foot back down in fifth in position. Repeat until we reached the other end of the room.  Except Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher asked me what I was doing.  I told her I didn’t know what I was doing.  She watched me and then showed me what I *should* be doing and told me, “Don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself.”  Apparently, I was doing things in the wrong order, going up on releve’ too soon, so I just decided to take the rest of the exercise flat-footed. Goodness knows, this beginner has no business going up on releve’ in that type of movement!  haha

This other thing we were doing on center, I could do. sort of.  Grande battement to the front with one arm in second and one in fifth (is there a special french name for that?)  Land in fifth, switch weight to the other leg and kick to the back, switching arms to a beautiful arabesque (at least beautiful when Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher does it.) Land in fifth again, switch up the arms,  and grand battement to the side. yikes. Then go in the other direction.  Sometimes, I got it. Other times, I would realize my arms were opposite what they should be. When I fixed my arms, I would miss the next kick and fall behind. Oh, and my grande battements: not so grande! more like demi or semi!

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