a light bulb moment

More than half the time while doing combinations across the floor, I end with the wrong foot in front. I have never been able to figure out why. Or we might be in the middle of a combination and have to switch directions and because I have my feet and legs backwards, I’m unable to continue with the movement. You know what  I mean if you’ve ever danced before.

Last night at class, we were doing a series of glissades and jetes. I am completely lost with these, by the way.  Miss Beautiful Ballet teacher slowed it way down, and did it with me (thanks for taking the time!).  After sliding the first foot and then bringing the other one to close in fifth, once again, my foot was opposite hers. Because she was moving so slowly, I FINALLY figured out why this has been happening more often than not these past 9 months. After the first slide across the floor, she closed her foot in BACK, not front.  I had been putting my foot in front first. So it went back, front, back, front.  I was doing front, back, front, back. Simple fix! I just need to pay attention to the order in which she does things.

This explains why sometimes I’m ok, and sometimes I’m not–if we start by closing front, I’m good to go.  But if we close starting in back, I’m not ok because I have always just closed in front.  The lights are going off in my brain, and they’re quite bright.

I’ll be learning more of the choreography tonight.  woot.

2 thoughts on “a light bulb moment

  1. we do glissades in every class (I kind of hate glissades!) but last night was the first time we ever alternated feet when we closed to fifth. We’ve always done continuous glissades closing in front before. So last night was… I believe the kids these days would call it a “hot mess”

  2. Continuous glissades all closing in front sounds easy compared to having to alternate! haha, of course it wouldn’t be easy if I actually tried them. Maybe I should say they’d be easier.

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