on costumes

Tried on a costume. No comment except to say it goes down to my ankles and comes up into a mock turtleneck so it definitely meets my rule for wearing something on stage.

  • rule #1: skirt must not be too sheer or too short
    (this is quite relative, of course)
  • rule #2: top must not be sheer or cut too low or too high
  • rule #3: to put #2 another way, no cleavage and no midriff showing

This isn’t a costume that “would make me change my mind” about dancing which is what Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher said after I told her that NO, I wouldn’t be dancing in the performance. lol. Actually, I think she was referring to a different costume, one she has put on hold until Winter because it’s heavy and thick and perhaps too hot to wear in the Spring.

Me not participating in the performance- that was a long time ago. Well, actually not so long ago. It turns out that I am dancing after all …Catch up everybody. I originally thought no way would I be dancing this side of 2013 but things change…You’ll have to go back and read one of the reasons I changed my mind.

This particular costume will look good when many of us are wearing them together and twirling a bit.

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