help! my purple leotard has pink spots

After rehearsal, my new purple leotard, which has gone through the washing machine just once, developed pink spots. The discoloration is only in one place, so it must be from my deodorant. Have you ever had this happen?   This has never occurred with any other clothing of mine. Fortunately, the pink spots are only on the inside.

Anyone know what’s up with that? Will it come out in the wash?

6 thoughts on “help! my purple leotard has pink spots

  1. If definitely could be due to your deodorant. At work we used to use heavy denim shirts, and we switched over to softer, thin cotton 2 years ago (thank goodness!), and the first shipment of shirts actually had this problem. Certain deodorants that the guys were using (I have no idea why the ladies’ deo never did it) turns the pits of these bright blue shirts neon green. 0.o

    Have you tried washing it since the spots showed up?

    Another thing that comes to mind- How did you wash your leo? Was it in the washer with other items, or was it “hand washed” in some way? I’ve got in the habit of washing mine by hand, one item at a time, because when I used to put all of my ballet stuff together I found that colours from everything else were making random and uneven pink and yellow spots on my tights. I bought some detergent meant for lingerie and I use that with cold water in a large mixing bowl. I just slosh my ballet stuff around in that, one at a time, rinse & hang to dry. It has the added bonus of making my ballet bag smell nice 😉

  2. Thanks.
    The pink discoloration did come out in the washing machine. I’ll be curious to see if it turns pink the next time I wear it…I wash my tights by hand, but I don’t want to do my leos that way too. Life is too short with homeschooling 4 kids. lol

  3. Make sure you are not using a deodorant that contains aluminum. It will stain and discolor clothing and will eventually break down the fabric to the point that it deteriorates. In the theater we have a terrible time with dancers using extra strong deodorant (I mean, who could blame them?) that literally eats away the armpits of their costumes.
    I switched to an aluminum free cotton-based deodorant a few years ago and haven’t pitted out a shirt since. Plus, it’s better for your health.

    • Well, without looking at my lady speed stick, I’m 99.99% sure that it has aluminum. If it didn’t have that awful ingredient, then it wouldn’t be an anti-perspirant which is what I appreciate in my deodorant:) I know the aluminum is horrible for my health and I do have another brand that occasionally I use and try to make it work for me but I just really like the stay dry feature of my powder fresh speed stick 🙂

      Eating away the pits of the costumes: that’s the pits!!

  4. I used to think that armpit aluminium was implicated in Alzheimer’s, but that was a long time ago and I forget why

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