down, skirt, down!

 I decided to wear my skirt tonight to rehearsal. I’ve never worn it to ballet class before. I did happen to wear it all summer long to the pool over one of my bathing suits. Did you know that a dance skirt can double as a swim skirt? Or at least this one can. This is the skirt I ordered nearly a year ago when I thought I needed to wear leo and tights to conditioning class.

You know how you want to do something,  but you don’t do it JUST BECAUSE. And the longer that you don’t do it, then you keep on not doing it because you’ve been not doing it for so long that you’re afraid to START doing it. I realize I’m just talking about wearing a skirt to class or rehearsal instead of my usual pants, but I do this in other areas of my life as well.  So I decided to just wear the skirt already. Rehearsal was on a different night than normal;  we were in a different studio space, so I figured I could dress differently too. Plus it passed inspection by my 7 year old ballerina fashionista which was definitely the most important deciding factor.

So now that I have broken the ice with this skirt, I feel like I can wear it anytime I want. I have some everyday footless black tights so I just slipped those over my leotard (just have to say here that you’ll never see me wearing pink tights over my leotard, only under. This is my rule…however if my black tights had a visible gusset well, then I wouldn’t wear them over or under.  Wouldn’t wear them over because I think gussets are the ultimate in tackiness because no one wants to see that!!!!  Seriously, no one wants to see your gusset.) Also please note that I didn’t wear my footed black tights because I couldn’t bear the thought of black tights in pink ballet shoes. I’m shuddering at the thought.

I digress. So I’m wearing my skirt and dancing, and it twirls. I knew it would twirl a little, but this skirt happens to twirl A LOT. We have several turns in our choreography and I saw my skirt in the mirror and I thought,

“Woaaaaah Nellie, down skirt down!”

I found myself hesitant in my turns because my skirt was flaring out so much and I also found myself putting my hands down to keep it down like Marilyn did when she stood over the vent. NOT GOOD. Not good refers to me being distracted by my skirt, not the fact that is was all twirly whirly. So after a couple times of messing with it after a turn, I just decided to ignore  it, move like I normally do and go with it. Just don’t dance too close to me or you might get whipped by my skirt.

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