frizzy bun

20120317-211120.jpgI just took this photo with my ipod then uploaded it to my blog: how cool is that? I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to wear a bun for the performance.  um. ugh. I have fairly curly hair and I’m just not sure how it’s all going to turn out.  I just took a bunch of clips out of my hair that I’ve been wearing for a day and a half, so I thought I’d smooth it out and try a bun.

This is the 30 second version with no pins or clips, no comb or brush–just my fingers, a ponytail holder, and hair net. I guess if I can do this in half a minute, then if I spend 3-5 minutes on it with some water, gel, hairspray, and pins, it might turn out ok. My main concern is my little curly wings at the nape of my neck.  Superglue?

I’m used to doing my little miss’s bun whose hair is straight, fine and thin. Anyone with curly hair care to share how their ballet bun gets all slick and ballet-ey?

7 thoughts on “frizzy bun

  1. No advice because I have given up on mine, but I get those wispy little curls at my neckline, too! When I was little and mom would take me to the hair cutting place (I hesitate to call it a salon because it was so cheap and unstylish) they would always complain at me for “cutting” my own hair. But it grows that way!

  2. I like the little wisps that stick out. I think it looks feminine so I keep mine if I happen to get them. I have sort of curly, thick hair. To put it up in a ballet bun, I put my hair up in a ponytail, braid the ponytail and then curl the braid around the base of the ponytail holder. Then I stick bobby pins into the sides all around. That usually holds my hair tight without hairspray and it always turns out pretty!

    • Thanks for the tips on how to do a bun with curly hair. I agree that the little wisps look feminine and after trying to smooth mine down today with no success, I’m just going to let them be. I would have to use several pins to keep them straight and smooth, and that just seems silly.

    • My hair used to be a lot frizzier and a lot harder to manage. Then I discovered the book Curly Girl and started following the advice in it, mainly leaving a little bit of conditioner in my hair..and only using my fingers to detangle it, not a comb or brush.

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