me and my unitard

I was telling my sister-in-law about my costume and she had to interrupt me and say,

“Wait can you repeat that?  You lost me at the word, “unitard.”

Yes, even though this costume I’m wearing is loose and flowing, it is called a unitard (but so are the skin tight ones which I am not, in fact,  wearing.)  She told me that she’ll be looking for a post called “me and my unitard.”So this post is dedicated to Miss Sister-in-Law who always wanted to take ballet as a child but who harbors no such desire as an adult.

My costume is white. The color of snow. I decided to order myself a white leotard to wear under this thing. Apparantly, one is supposed to wear a skin colored body liner, not a white one. I actually had been looking at those too, but for whatever reason, I decided to go with the white. Other ladies told me you can really see white under white but the skin colored one, you can’t see–just offers coverage. So I got online and found myself a nude colored body liner. Finding one in my size: now that was an accomplishment!

The body liners are also called second skins. You’re not kidding me. I ordered my little miss a new leotard at the same time, so they shipped together.  Her leotard (she wears girls size 8-10) was in a small enough little package, but my new liner was not just half the size of her leotard all folded up, I’d say it was 1/4 of the size or even smaller, about the size of handkerchief. Phew.  It seemed small, but boy did that sucker stretch over my torso.  Just add a couple of pads out of a sports bra, and I am ready for my white unitard.

A couple weeks ago, I had on my costume to be fitted for the burgandy overlay. As I was looking in the mirror, I started to panic. That was the first time since I made the decision to go ahead and do the performance that I was having doubts. I thought to myself, who am I to be on stage, especially wearing THIS?? Seriously, why am I doing this?  But then I told myself everyone was wearing this costume that adds 20 pounds to the hips and another 20 just in general and that the costume would look lovely with nine of us wearing them for a liturgical dance. And besides it’s just a costume, right?

Seriously, though. Nothing about this thing is slenderizing. yup. Me and my unitard and an overlay.

3 thoughts on “me and my unitard

  1. I would be terrified and laughing the whole time, if it were were me. I actually can’t wait to see you. I expect to see a glowing face with your head held high and a beaming smile showing confidence! You got this G!

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