first class…post performance

Monday ballet class was great. Some of the footwork at the barre made me dizzy (figuratively, not literally.)  I just can’t keep it all straight. At one point we were swinging our leg back and forth, back to front and my toes kept hitting the floor (since we’re pointing them.) I found myself shifting the weight in my hip and leaning to one side so I wouldn’t bang my foot on the floor.  Of course having one leg an entire centimeter longer than the other doesn’t exactly help me in this situation. When Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher slowed the movement down, I could see that you have to flex your foot as you brush the floor. DUH. Then I won’t be banging the floor with my toes. Makes sense. Another light bulb moment. It’s still way too fast for me, though, but at least I can stand straight on one leg instead of swaying as if I’m getting swiped by a speedy gust of wind.

Only one of the young girls was there: 12 year old Miss Never Can Stand Still. Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher commented at how good she was being. I offered to go stand at her barre and be goofy with her. heehee

At the end of the class, we danced our 2 songs and the feeling was different and freer. Pretty cool. Since there were only 4 of us present (out of a possible 11), I used a lot more of the floor than I usually do. No need to stay in my personal dance box. lol.  I sang along to the songs and moved with the music and felt great joy. Definitely a different feel since the stage is behind us. Plus, I asked Miss BBT to dance the solo parts so I could follow along.

I’ll close this post with an e-mail from another ballet mom:

Just read most of your posts about ballet. LOVE your heart.
I am so glad that you are dancing
…and you never know, Mr ____ may eventually do a lift with you. 🙂
and if he does, I will be in the audience watching…and clapping.

My response: No lifts. haha maybe a spin with at least one foot firmly planted on the marley.

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