the dvd is here; you lucky people

Take a number, get in line. The dvd that everyone wants to watch is now here. Seriously, all you curious people who have asked to see the performance dvd, the opportunity is here. Just let me know.

There was a time when I thought that I would never ever watch the recording of the dances I was in. I was afraid that if I watched it, I would never dance in public again. I’m not kidding!  I also figured some things are just better in the moment, and better remembered with no visual reminders. (This is why I didn’t have my wedding visually recorded twenty summers ago.)

And then I thought that I might watch it so I can see what I need to work on, how I can make improvements.  When Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher got out her proof copy and was going to show us “I Can Only Imagine” during class, I saw 3 options.

  1. Bourre’  to the nearest exit.
  2. Stay, but look away and not really watch it.
  3. Swallow, breathe deeply, and just watch it already!

I chose #3. And it wasn’t too bad. In fact, we looked pretty good; after all how bad can it be on a 7-8″ portable dvd player screen?

I just found something I wrote after the performance but never published.

my first dance performance, by ballet you say


i loved it

had so much fun

i smiled and never fell

i wobbled just a little

false eyelashes aren’t so bad

in fact, they’re pretty good

          “joyfully, i lift my voice in praise to thee

          with heaven watching over me

          i raise my hands up  high

          your majesty gently washes over me

          makes my heart begin to sing joyfully”

i feel so blessed

angels all around

This is how I want to remember the dance, not that I didn’t point my toe enough, or that I raised my arms too high, or stood at the wrong angle, or seemed a little stiff here and there, or that smoothing my curly hair into a ballet bun makes me look severe! However, because I watched the dvd, now I know some of the little, I mean big things to work on.

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