girls en pointe

ImageEarlier this month, the teachers at my studio took nine girls to the big city to get fitted for pointe shoes.  My daughter has been dancing at this studio for 2 years and there hasn’t been anyone dancing en pointe (except teachers) so to see this many girls mature and ready for pointe work is exciting.

My little miss is wondering when she can get some. It’s going to be a long five years, sweetie! At least. Relax, or don’t relax as the case may be. Tummy in. Be strong. Keep dancing and keep working. The time will fly!

The girls are positively giddy over their shiny, pink, pretty shoes; so am I.

3 thoughts on “girls en pointe

  1. Oh, this is beautiful! The ballerina looks so graceful, don’t they? My daughters best friend and her sister use to dance pointe (did I use that correctly in a sentence?). I just love seeing them practice. They have a whole treasure box of pointe shoes that have been worn out. I can only imagine my ankles cracking!

  2. How exciting! Is that photo one of the girls at your studio? If it is, I’m impressed! She’s pretty well over the box for a pointe beginner. I definitely didn’t look that good in my first month!

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