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c me dance

Do you ever make it to the final credits of a movie and wonder WHY did I just spend waste an hour and a half watching that? Maybe you keep watching, thinking it just has to get better, but it never does? Or maybe you keep watching because it’s SO bad and you’re laughing hysterically at how horrible it really is.

I just watched a movie like that. Browsing the dance titles on Netflix, I chose “C Me Dance.”  The movie opens with an odd highway scene, cutting between the terrified driver of a car, a baby in the back seat, and the front grill of a truck barreling down the road.  I had to pause the movie, thinking I had accidentally started a weird horror flick because it surely didn’t seem like a dance movie.

I had the right film. I should have moved onto a different movie right then and there, but if I had done that, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post, you lucky people.

First of all, I’m sure there’s someone somewhere that was blessed or touched by this movie. I am not one of those people. This is one of those films that gives Christian media a bad name with its sub-par acting combined with a ridiculous script. Before I started watching, I didn’t even realize it was a religious piece. Jesus lyrics blaring at the shopping mall–that was the giveaway.

I liked the dancing and most of the music was pretty good too.  During one of the scenes, I thought I recognized a couple of the dancers. I thought, no, it can’t be. Well, maybe it could be. Then I saw their names scroll by in the previously mentioned credits. Well, I’ll be! Hot diggedy dog. It was the Ballet Magnficat dancers. They were the best part of the movie.

The story line was absurd and unbelievable. I leave you with the official trailer so you can see for yourself.