just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean I haven’t been dancing

Just popping in to break my silence. Every once in awhile,  someone asks me if I am still dancing. Oh YES!  I never stopped. We had a 3 week break somewhere in July or August which fortunately coincided with my major back strain that had me laid up for 3 weeks. The how-I-strained- my-back isn’t a topic for this family-friendly blog.

So it’s performance time again. Six weeks away. I started to panic last Saturday when I stayed for a rehearsal to take photos and realized that my class had only just that morning learned–I mean been introduced to–less than a minute of our choreography for the very first time and the girls I was photographing  had already been rehearsing for weeks and their dances were really coming along. FREAK OUT.

I feel slightly better after running through the entire piece several times today. Slightly.  I know the choreography in my brain, but to translate it to my arms, feet, and tilt of the head, that’s another thing,  …arabesque rt, balance rt. balance l. coupe. bourre bourre, bourre. Repeat all that starting to the left this time:)  Then pony. WHAT? Please, please show that to me. I have never done it before:) Plus there’s a lot of goofiness in there because of the character I am playing: more on that later!

I am hopeful that in the next 5-6 weeks with lots and lots of rehearsals, I’ll be able to do it–that’s a hint hint hint for Miss Beautiful Ballet teacher if she’s reading this!)

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