above all: worship dance wednesday

The dance starts 50 seconds in.

About the videos chosen for worship dance Wednesday: Unless otherwise noted, I am not in these videos, neither do I know anyone in them. If you have a video that you’d like me to consider posting on my blog, send it my way! I’m always looking for good quality sound and picture, and although the choreography doesn’t need to be perfect, it does need to be a blessing to watch.  ~ballet you say

3 thoughts on “above all: worship dance wednesday

  1. Here is a suggestion, I hope you enjoy:

    In all fairness, I’m a bit biased–my wife is the woman with the microphone at the beginning… I really have enjoyed your blog–it’s cool to see your experience of trying something new. Hope you are still dancing!

    • Sorry about telling people to fast forward your wife speaking. LOL!! When the song “Held” started in the video that you linked, I almost didn’t watch it, but decided to stay. That song tells my story “2 months is too little” except my daughter was 2 years when she died and the “sacred was torn from my life…” http://grievingwithguinever.wordpress.com/ The dance was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I’m still dancing. I want to start blogging about it again.

      • To clarify–my wife is the one in the beginning of the video I linked… Shortly after my wife danced in the Blessing Project dance, my niece died, and that image of Jesus coming alongside and dancing with her when her dance with us was done–it really helped. Sad stuff, but there is joy.

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