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she danced in Paris; how awesome is that? i can’t even dance out of town

I’m going out of town later this summer and I’ve thought, oh, no what’s a girl to do without her twice weekly ballet class? Seriously, I’m going to have to hide out for some stretching and hope I don’t bang my wrist on the low ceiling of the camper in my mother-in-law’s front yard when I releve’.  I am going to be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by more middle of nowhere.  No organized ballet for me.

I know that others will visit a class when they’re out of town, but I just don’t have enough guts to do that. I would need to KNOW someone and go to class with them before taking this beginner derriere into a supposedly beginner ballet class that I know nothing about. And besides, I’ll be in a state that has only 2 cities that anyone has ever heard of and I’ll be at least 100 miles from both of them. So all in all, I doubt I could even find a class to go to…

As I was contemplating my sans ballet vacation dilemma a couple weeks ago, adult beginner published a guest post, a seriously entertaining read from another beginner ballerina who not only danced out of town, she danced on another continent where she barely knew the language.  WOWSER.  Dancing in Paris. Pretty cool.