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knee braces and a lacrosse ball

I’ve been wearing my knee braces constantly since Saturday. I don’t know if it’s the weather or something hormonal. I don’t think it’s an injury because then only one knee would be bothering me, not both of them. Usually, I only wear the braces for exercise or dance. I am praying for the day when the knee pain will be a thing of the past and I can do grand plies’ and run down a hill.

I’m ok with walking and standing, and I was even pain-free dancing the night away with my husband and kids at a Saturday wedding. But bending them enough to sit down sends a shooting pain down both knees; once I’m seated, they don’t hurt. Walking up and down steps is quite painful so I’ve been avoiding steps all day; I didn’t even take my little miss up to her dance class today; she was on her own.

That’s just my knees. My right hip has felt stuck for as long as I can remember; I’m not sure how else to describe it. Saturday, though, it started to hurt and it still hurts. It’s not excruciating (I’ve been there, done that several times), but it is definitely limiting my range of movement and activities. Plus, like I said, it hurts. I’m dreaming of a professional massage, day and night, but I’ve been settling for driving my own fist into it once in awhile or leaning up against a wall with a lacrosse ball. My physical therapist gave me that hint probably about 10 years ago.

Yesterday, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go to ballet class, but as the day wore on, my muscles seemed to loosen a bit as I rolled my feet and hip with the lacrosse ball. Even if I couldn’t bend my knees at all, I could at least stretch my upper body, so I went. I was a lot more flexible than I had expected to be. I was feeling good until we got on the floor and did some stretching. Sitting in second position has never been my favorite, plus it is what triggered my hip pain on Saturday and it happened again.

ouchy. ouchy. ouchy.

So I was uber careful with that hip when we rehearsed our songs. We do a grand battement four times and well, I just did a little degage’ because I could just see myself throwing my back out or something and I didn’t want that to happen.

I’m going to the chiropractor in the morning–one I’ve never been to. I am hopeful and prayerful that this hip pain will go away once and for all. We’re dancing at a nursing home this weekend–how sweet is that? So I’m hoping I can move freely for the performance.