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just haven’t been able to write about the performance

Do you ever have something you just can’t put into words? You have a great experience and trying to describe it would minimize it. Yeah, that’s what happened here. I’ve sat down about 3 times with an empty screen in front of me to blog about the performance and my screen has remained blank.

When we rehearsed the songs Saturday afternoon, I did worse than I had done the night before, forgetting steps all over the place. My head was not in the right place so I prayed. Fortunately, I’ve got the songs on my iPod, and I decided to go find a secluded corner somewhere and run through the songs a couple of times. I asked Miss Crazy Outfit Lady if she wanted to come with me so we found a hallway off another hallway and danced on the polished school floor by an open window.

Because we didn’t dance before the intermission, I was able to sit in the audience and be a ballet mom and take a zillion pictures. The ages 3-5 ballet and play class stole the show wearing poofy blue tutus and leaping, skipping, giggling across the stage over and over again. It was a crowd pleaser!

I did it. Two performances. After my first song was over, I texted my husband and said, “One dance down, three to go.”  I wasn’t exactly nervous. I didn’t forget any of the choreography and I wasn’t wobbly like I had been during dress rehearsal. phew.

People said it looked like I was really enjoying myself. Yes, I most definitely was! A couple friends said they cried through How Great Thou Art. Several commented how wonderful the multi-generational aspect made our dances. Yes, that’s one of the things I love about it–nine of us ages 12 to 60+. I’m the youngest adult at age 41. Just got an e-mail that said, “It was lovely to see you dance.”‘

I’m just treasuring all these comments.

Now that the performance is over, I am going to miss the extra time in the studio for rehearsal. What’s a girl to do?

no way! ask me later

So Miss Beautiful Ballet Teacher asked me if I was going to do the performance. I about choked and giggled.

Uh, no. ask me later (in like a year or more from now.)

She told me I might change my mind when I saw the costume. yeah, right. A beautiful flowing dress that might make other people look like an angel on stage isn’t going to change my mind.

I don’t know. I want to do it…someday.  I just don’t think I can be ready in 7 weeks. When I watch others dance, I love watching them.  When kids make mistakes, it’s cute. When an adult or even a teen is less than graceful, it’s almost painful to watch. And I don’t want to be a pain to watch. I want to bless people, not make them cringe, not have them sitting uncomfortable in their seats, just waiting for the song to be over.

I long to dance so that I know the song so well, the choreography so well, that I move one with the music so that I don’t have to think so hard about the movement. I see others do it; that’s how I want to dance…from deep within. This doesn’t necessarily mean flawless or perfect, just with feeling. My soul has been touched with the dance and the message, and I want to transfer that to those watching.  Is it an impossible dream?

In class, just following along with the simple steps is such an effort. I haven’t gotten past the blundering of even the most basic of movements.