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snap snap…

So the burgandy colored overlay for my costume is done. Miss Experienced is sewing  the overlays with a little help from others. After checking the fit, she gave it to me, saying all I needed to do was sew on a couple snaps at the waistband (which is a high waistband.)

NO NO NO. I thought. I hate sewing. I could sew on a couple snaps, but it truly would take me an hour or two (I’m not kidding folks.) and then they’d probably end up crooked or something. Plus, one of my fingers would start bleeding  because I ‘d keep poking it with the needle. I’m speaking from experience here.  Did I mention I hate sewing?

I decided to farm this mini project out.  My mind bounced around for a little while, trying to think of which handy-with-needles-friend I could ask for this small, yet huge favor.  Ah yes,my good friend and neighbor. Before I could facebook or call her, I saw her out my kitchen window,  so I ran out to my deck and called to her. She agreed to sew on the snaps, and finished it that very night. WOW. Fast. And she got it right the first time. Cool and thank you, thank you,thank you.

Snap. Snap. Done. And I didn’t even have to thread a needle.