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anyone have experience with custom orthotics?

I’ve been going to a chiropractor who recommends custom orthotics to correct the supination in my feet and the 1 cm difference in leg lengths that I have. (I’ll also mention that I have slight scoliosis.) He thinks that these corrections might be enough to significantly reduce my knee pain. If I get them, it means boxing up all my super cute summer shoes and sending them to the attic.

I’ll probably get inserts that can go into any shoe ( except the previously mentioned summer sandals and slides) and  also get some almost–but not quite– cute slides with the orthotic built into the shoes.

Anyone have any experience with this? My mom tried them, and it wasn’t the magic bullet for her.

I’m not exactly dripping in money over here, but my husband and I think they’re worth the cost if they’ll eliminate or at least lessen the knee pain that I’ve had for several years.