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ooh, got my first link love…plus more dance blogs i’ve been reading

The dancing Rheumatic Princess added me in her post of bloggers who have linked to her. Thanks so much for the shout out link love!

It’s funny because I spent the month of December reading all these other dance blogs and now that I’ve read the entire blogs of some, I’m just dying for more posts and some days, there aren’t posts from anyone even though I’m following over 20 blogs! I didn’t realize how seldom some people post!

Come on bloggers, blog!!

Another blog I’ve enjoyed reading is wandering apricot.  She posted an inspiring video of a 95 year old ballet teacher. It’s so peaceful.  Hopefully, I can still move with that much ease as I age.  Actually, I wish I could be as flexible as her now. Watching this lady stretch outside of her quaint little cottage is so inspiring.  And speaking of cottages, grand allegro is looking for a cottage to stay in on vacation:)

Another one of apricot’s helpful posts from a couple years ago is all about what you should wear to ballet class, depending on your level of commitment and what you hope to get out of class. I’ll have to try the capezio ultra soft tights she recommends once my hold and stretch are all holey and runny. I’ve got those plus a pair of body wrappers. They both seem the same to me,  except if I get the body wrappers again, I’ll have to go down a size.  I followed the height/weight chart which turns out is a little off for my body. I could pull these things way up under my armpits and skip wearing my sports bra.  Seriously, I could fit two of me in there, which is saying something.

I sent my hubby the link to my blog, informing him I started a new blog. I wanted him to find out from me rather than through the grapevine!  I received the notice that he subscribed by e-mail, so he’ll get an e-mail every time I update.  No more secrets now.  hahaha. His response was more enthusiastic than I had expected:

Wow does that site ever look fantastic! I really like the theme, the photos you chose, and the topic of the site. I am looking forward to reading it later.

I am glad you are writing! xxoo

Thanks honey bunny!